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Pilot Training Boston Discovery Flights Lesson

Boston Discovery Flight

Learning how to fly an airplane has never been easier or more fun than taking Discovery Flight lessons at Pilot Training Boston. Discovery Flight School familiarizes budding aviators to flying lessons by introducing them to instructors, airplanes and the exciting world of flying in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Discovery Flight is designed to be a short inexpensive introduction to flying lessons that will give you the chance to meet our instructors, get familiar with the aircraft and airport environment, and experience the controls in flight. Your flight will offer great views of the lake and on a clear day, the mountains off to the north, and the skyline to the west. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly 7 days a week, so give us a call at 857-302-4153.

Included in a Discovery Flight first flying lesson at Boston, Massachusetts's Pilot Training Boston are the following:

  • 25 to 30 minute Discovery Flight with an FAA certified instructor
  • A concise introduction to the fundamentals of aviation
  • Five to 15 minutes of "hands-on" flying, depending on your maturity level and skill (pilot's discretion)

Taking a Discovery Flight is the easiest and most affordable way to learn whether pursuing a career as a pilot or if earning your pilot's license is something you really want to do. This kind of introductory, low-cost flying lesson is Pilot Training Boston's top selling product among their selection of flying lessons because it offers such a comprehensive initiation to piloting an airplane at an affordable price.

Call 857-302-4153 today, make a Discovery Flight appointment and start flying!

Our Discovery Flight School instructors guide you carefully through every step--from performing a preflight inspection to preparing your airplane for flight. You and your instructor will then advise Boston Traffic Control of your intent to fly before your instructor shows you how to taxi the airplane to the runway. And you're off!

Pilot Training Boston in Boston also offers introductory flying lesson packages that combine enhanced first lessons with introductory flight lessons. Students will learn about the features of the Cessna aircraft and complete their flying lesson by making an entry into their own professional logbook. This log entry can then be applied towards their training to be a licensed aircraft pilot.

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